Agape Counseling Holistic Healing and Life Coaching

We've all been placed on this earth to discover our own path,

And we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life!


Professionals at Agape Counseling use an integrative approach to healing and guidance of adolescents and young adults. Incorporating nutrition, fitness, and spirituality (if the client wishes) to the therapeutic process. What makes us unique is that we are located in Toano (Williamsburg area) on a farm where we also use horses and nature as part of the therapeutic process. Holistic therapy integrates multiple approaches to healing and change.  Holistic therapy encourages reflection, contemplation, and gradual opening to a deeper sense of one's self.  Wisdom comes from these deeper states of being.

What is holistic?

Holistic counseling involves viewing the whole person rather than just parts of a person (i.e. isolated issue or feeling, symptoms, etc). Holistic counselors believe individuals are interconnected to their environment and do not exist in a vacuum thus cannot be treated as such. We believe individuals actually increase their discomfort and unhappiness (resulting in anxiety and depression) when they try to isolate the issue from the bigger picture. In holistic counseling, we work with the whole individual, including mind-body-spirit, to bring the individual back to wholeness. When integration of the whole being occurs, changes are more likely to be longer lasting and meaningful.
Why holistic?
Holistic Therapy is ideal for:
Seeking deeper understanding
Seeking more than a “solution”
Seeking meaning and purpose in one’s life
Individuals with a desire to incoporate sprituality into everyday life
Individuals with body esteem issues
Individuals with physical/somatic issues
Old unresolved trauma
Individuals who’ve had limited success with “talk” therapy
Creative individuals
Individuals who overthink

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